#41 Matt Eagles - Match Worn - Indigenous Guernsey

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The Brisbane Lions are proud to present their 2019 Sir Doug Nicholls Round Guernsey. Designed by local Indigenous Artist Derek Oram, at artwork depicts the Lore places for Men and Women across Brisbane. The small white dots represent the old travelling pathways of Indigenous ancestors between meeting places. These tracks are now the main roads used to link the suburbs of Brisbane. The yellow circles spread across the mountains represent camp fires (darlo). The darlo's are either surrounded by white or black dots. The white dots surrounding the darlo are men places. They are located in high country suce as Spring Hill and Highgate Hill. The black dots represt the women in the lower parts of the country, close to natural springs and creeks which were used for sacred women business such as birthing holes.

The famous Brisbane Lions colours have been incorporated to display the sunset that blend the mountains into the night sky. Totems are placed within the stars to resemble the individual and unique significance of the Indigenous players heritage and strong cultural connection. Outlines in the stars depict the Emu, Flying Fox and Majestic Lizard which are just a handful of the Indigenous players totems. The story of the stars plays a strong role in Aboriginal culture and most Indigenous cultures of the world. Derek has used the traditional cross having a technique to create the goanna, the Yuggara totem of Brisbane. The Yuggara people are entitled to protect the goanna through the Lore of the land. The strong prominent yellow line represents the Brisbane River whilst the finer yellow lines represent the various creeks and rivers.

The main star, shining bright with yellow accents represents all of the stars (Merrigan). In the 1800's European's recorded the first nations people, known as the Yerongpan clan singing and dancing about merrigan. Lead by Yerongpan headman and song man King Billen Billen, this took place at the South Brisbane Bora Rin (burul), were the Gabba is build upon today. Merrigan is the paintings connection to the land, its original people and most importantly the home of the Brisbane Lions, the Gabba.

  • Edition 1 of 1
  • Personally signed
  • Match Worn if player is selected
  • AFLPA certificate of authenticity
  • Custom player fit
  • Fully sublimated design


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